August , 2017

Sittingbourne Greyhounds

Kent’s Big Night Out

5th November 2011

The Worlds Biggest Greyhound (6 metres long) 200kg in weight travelling 2500 miles.
The Big Dog will visit all of the 25 GBGB greyhound tracks and many cities and landmarks.
The greyhound has been modeled on ‘Show Me The Bunny’ currently being promoted by Radio 5 presenter Colin Murray on each friday evening.
The campaign is being supported by its own website www.itsthedogs.com along with facebook and twitter presence.
A competitiohn to win an iPad2 is on-going and the public are invited to submit photographs uploaded to www.itsthedogs.com






For raceview restaurant table reservations or more details call 01795 47 55 47
Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm - Sat 10-3pm.

Sky TV Trophy Final 2011 Sky Tv Trophy Night Sponsored Race 2009 Kent Derby Sittingbourne RGT Fun Race